Smiles. Giggles. Learning to say “mama.” Happiness. Your mother showing friends your baby pictures. Unstoppable laughter. Riding a bike for the first time. Fear. Finishing a crossword all by yourself. Time. Getting your braces off. Never losing focus. Getting an A on a test. Fighting over the remote control.

Learning about the birds, but never understanding the bees. Passion. Helping your mother bake a cake. Sticking your finger in the frosting when she isn’t looking. Burning your hand on the oven, twice. Enjoying silence. Sitting in awe, staring at fireworks. Scoring the winning goal. Power. Dreaming of the future. Losing track of time when in the deepest of conversations.

Imagining yourself in a movie. Remembering lines from your favorite movies. Never remember what you were just talking about. Finding a wallet on the floor and deciding what to do. Looking at yourself in the morning. Getting the phone one ring too late. Baby-sitting your brother. Realizing you aren’t what you thought you were. Thinking about nothing. 

Making fun of your friends. Finally getting the answer to a math problem. Irony. Your first kiss. Falling in love. Falling out of love. Falling in love all over again. Working hard for what you want. Learning how to lose. Knowledge. Fighting with a friend, then arguing about who should apologize first.

A fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Running into old friends. Chatting on the Internet. Stargazing. Sleeping in. Confusion. Hugging your parents before you leave for college. Becoming a man, and realizing you can be just as immature when you want.